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It doesn't begin when the shovel is turned

The dream home. We all have images that inspire our dreams of how and where we want to live. Colors, textures, spaces, designs, furnishings, appliances and perfect locations are driven by Pinterest boards and idealized posts on social media. In reality, the dream home begins with a plan.

Step one in creating that plan is asking yourself a LOT of questions. Then find a licensed architect. Knowing what you want is important, but translating that into a structure built to code is quite another.

The questions to ask.

  1. What is your budget?

  2. What does the lot look like? (topography, trees, soil composition, access for equipment etc)

  3. What will you do in this home? (full time living, vacation, homesteading, entertaining, raise a family, work from home) Make a list of all activities that require a "space".

  4. What limitations do you deal with? (wheelchair, age related, need for caregiver space, young children, ability to navigate stairs etc)

  5. How long will you live in the home?

  6. Do you need to plan for future needs? (aging in place)

  7. Will you be in this home in retirement?

  8. Do you need to manage long term cost of ownership?

No one likes high utility bills and we all like to live comfortably. Managing that relationship requires understanding the connection between the material you build with and how it functions in a system to keep your indoor environment comfortable for you. This is where it pays to hire an expert. You can have a lovely home built that costs a fortune to heat and cool, or you can have a lovely home built that costs almost nothing to keep comfortable. The difference is the expert guidance you will receive from someone who designs with that end in mind and understands the systems that can be utilized to reach that end goal.

We can help you reach that goal. You're in the right place.

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