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Sometimes the best transaction is a trade. List what you have, or what you need and let's see if we can match you up with someone to trade with.


Know the value of what you have and what you are looking for. Be fair, but don't give away the "farm". Think of the barter as value for value and if there is a difference, be prepared to pay that. 

Farm and Business Listings

If you have a farm that has something to sell, list it. If you have a business that a farm or homestead my need, list it.

At the 2024 Conference we will have a networking board that will help launch this page, so get your tickets for the conference, come with a shopping list or what you have for sale and we will kick this off at the event.

Ongoing Educational Opportunities

A Year is a long time to wait to get answers to questions, so we will have ongoing opportunities to add to your skills toolbox. Check here and on Facebook!

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